Distributor Opportunities


TCL is actively seeking to partner with interested companies to build an international network of distributors, assemblers and maintenance stockists.

Opportunities exist on all five continents to enter into non-exclusive distribution arrangements, profitable and suitable to companies in their chosen industry sectors.

TCL has the view that all distribution sales and trickle-down maintenance and replacement work should be handled by local experts and, with that in mind, has a plan in place. Within this plan structure, not all distributor partners would need to hold stock of all products – just those models pertinent to their own clientel’s needs; the supporting structure of the network is such that products that are not stocked by one distributor will be quickly sourced from another network partner who is closer than TCL Head Office.

To enquire after details of this distribution network, to enquire about becoming a distribution partner or an affiliate, or, for information on orders already in the system, please use this form:


Following extensive interest from national and multi-national companies across varied industry sectors we are now poised for global expansion.
Consequently we are presently looking for the right distributors to lead this program in countries all over the world.
For those companies wanting to either utilise our products as OEM partners, or, who have already-established network
opportunities in sales and maintenance contracting, please contact us at info@thompsoncouplings.com or click here.

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