1. Thompson Coupling Alignment Eliminator.

The TCAE sealed-for-life couplings offer deflection angles of up to 10 degrees.TCAE-2 size

Take laser alignment costs and the time involved completely out of the situation. They requiring only ‘wash-down’ maintenance; and, when a breakdown happens, at either the driving or driven end, these couplings allow for shaft separation and re-assembly in minutes, keeping the overall cost of the downtime to a minimum.

There are five standard sizes in our range, plus one smaller and three larger P.O.A. sizes. The whole range covers all torque needs up to 14,700Nm.

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2. Thompson Constant Velocity Joint.

The worldwide patented and awarded TCVJ is the true 1:1 constant velocity, high angle transmission joint.

With no weight bearing sliding surfaces the TCVJ offers a transmission solution that almost completely eliminates friction, temperature, and vibration problems. At angles of up to 15 degrees and meeting torque demands through the size range from 50Nm up to 65,000Nm this is the silent partner in rail, agriculture, manufacturing and marine high demand installations.

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3. Quick Release Flanges.

Thompson Couplings markets a range of quick release flanges to suit the TCAE range of couplings. Supplied without taperlock bushes, these flanges are sized to suit common shaft diameters based on power demands.

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Following extensive interest from national and multi-national companies across varied industry sectors we are now poised for global expansion.
Consequently we are presently looking for the right distributors to lead this program in countries all over the world.
For those companies wanting to either utilise our products as OEM partners, or, who have already-established network
opportunities in sales and maintenance contracting, please contact us at or click here.

Look at your clients' drive transmission problems in a new way and present them with a new and economical solution.