Technical Reports

The Thompson Coupling – the alignment eliminator.

A number of technical reports have been completed by Thompson Couplings and external professional testing companies and universities. These reports can be accessed by clicking the appropriate links as indicated below.

The Thompson Coupling alignment eliminator is a new product, for which a number of patents have been applied.

The model series basically utilises industrial grade Rzeppa plunging style mechanisms with patent pending, sealed for life, lubrication features.

Each Thompson Coupling in the range, for its torque rating, rev range and deflection angle, is fully warranted for 12 months. Naturally, couplings will run longer than this warranted period, however, it would be irrelevant to quote an ultimate maximum life span, since each use case is different. Any working envoronment where torque, speed of rotation and angle are reduced, will achieve greater life spans than areas in which all of these factors are at maximum.

Thompson Coupling TCAE-3

TCAE Sales Guide Brochure
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The Thompson Constant Velocity Joint TCVJ®is a globally patented and trademarked Invention.

True 1:1 constant velocity throughout 360 degrees of rotation of the joint provides benefits in:

  • Overall minimal vibration disturbances to the drive train system;
  • no inertial excitations from non constant velocity components;
  • no induced torsional loads transferred to the system;
  • reduced secondary couple loading on supporting bearing structures;
  • reducing energy consumption.

Please “Click” on both of these 2 links, to see and read “How It Works“.
TCVJ® “How it Works” Animation

TCVJ® “How it Works” Presentation Video  – 7:38minutes

Wikipedia article of history on development.

Vibration Analysis of the TCVJ® by Independant Researchers. Please “Click” on these 2 links below.
TCVJ® Independent Vibration Report

TCVJ® University Vibration Analysis

Energy Efficiency Analysis of the TCVJ® by Independant Researchers. Please “Click” on the link below.
TCVJ® Outperforms Rzeppa CV Joints at High Angles, Independent Energy Efficiency Report

Thermal Analysis (graphs)of the TCVJ® by TCL R&D. Please “Click” on these 2 links below.
TCVJ® Comparison to Ambient

TCVJ® Generates Almost No Heat and Outperforms Rzeppa CVJ at High Angles in Thermal Heat Generation Tests;

typical TCVJ Exploded View Diagram